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An 8 Week Embodiment Program to Bring Heaven to Earth

In 60 days you’ll learn how to:

  • Rewire your nervous system to come from love and pleasure rather than fear and anxiety.
  • Make decisions from your Soul rather than your Personality
  • Never feel lonely again
  • Integrate your sexuality with your spirituality
  • Discover what kind of lover you are based on your body type and what gives you the most pleasure
  • Learn quantum tools to become a vibrational match to your Soul
  • Get a Divine Map to the Love that You Have Already Created
  • Embody Heaven on Earth so that you attract the kind of love that is nourishing, enlivening and brings more love to you and your community.


You weren’t born yesterday. Even if you were actually born yesterday. Meaning there was intention and momentum of the energy that is YOU before you came into this being.

In this first week you’ll be in assessment mode and you’ll:

  • Find out what is your overall vibrational set point. See what your relationship is like with Your Soul.
  • Learn about your attachment type and see if you’re living and loving from your Inner Being or from childhood programming.
  • Discover what your body type has to tell you about the type of lover you are so that you can fully embody your erotic potential (with or without a partner).
  • Learn a meditation method that strengthens your connection to your Inner Being.
  • Discover how your triggers can be mined for gold and reclaim aspects of lost self.
  • Discover the Momentum of Your Identity pattern you came into this life with and how to work with the flow of what you’ve already created.


For many, there has been a betrayal of trust when it comes to spirituality. How do you trust the divine when you have suffered and you see suffering in the world? Man-made structures around spirituality (aka religion) have also caused much trauma for people who have been persecuted, shunned, or controlled by various structures.

Here we shed notions of another being(s) having dominion over your own spiritual sovereignty. This can also be from family and ancestral systems. If you’ve ever felt betrayed by life, Source, God whatever you want to call it, establishing trust with your Inner Being is a crucial step to shifting your nervous system from fear based programming to one that is open to the possibility of an infinite loving consciousness. Once this is established, simple practices can provoke the awareness of one’s infinite nature and then an authentic communication with one’s larger non-physical self can be made conscious. What naturally unfolds is the possibility that one can create a life filled with love, freedom, abundance and a never-ending stream of satisfying, uplifting and beneficial experiences for yourself and all those whose lives you come into contact.

In this week you’ll:

  • Discover the Power of Your Word as well as how to use language to deepen the joy you experience in life.
  • Reprogram your psyche to welcome a holistic sexuality.
  • Learn how to trust in the benevolence of this Universe.
  • Learn about the power of Boundaries and Sacred Identity that help you to allow more of your Inner Being to Shine.


“I believe that we are in an imagination battle, and almost everything about how we orient toward our bodies is shaped by fearful imaginations…Pleasure activism is the work we do to reclaim our whole, happy and satisfiable selves from the impacts, delusions, and limitations of oppression…Pleasure is not one of the spoils of capitalism. It is what our bodies, our human systems, are structured for; it is the aliveness and awakening the gratitude and humility, the joy and celebration of being miraculous.” – Pleasure Activism by adrienne maree brown

In a world where each individual is an extension of the divine expressing itself, desire holds the keys to sacred impulse and creation. With the understanding that positive emotion is simply an alignment with your broader non-physical Inner Being, pleasure then becomes a sacred indication of being in tune with the wishes of your soul.

In this week, you’ll:

  • Witness the Love that Your Soul has for you.
  • Understand the difference between Pleasure vs Power when it comes to manifestation.
  • Learn how to upgrade subpersonalities that are outdated.
  • Receive the best of what your Ancestors gave you (and continue giving you) and relinquish the rest.
  • Learn a breast massage that nourishes your endocrine system and rewires your brain to expect safety and goodness.
  • See your Spirit Guides.


Once on a trip to visit shaman from the Bwiti tradition, I was guided using their ceremonial Iboga plant medicine to journey into the spirit realm. The tradition helps you to access the realm of your ancestors where I was able to meet not only my deceased Grandfather and Great Grandmother but also my own Soul.  The experience was profoundly life-changing and life-affirming.

Upon meeting my Soul which appeared as an incomprehensibly powerful source of energy alit in purple light, it morphed into a version of myself that I could comprehend. It was me, radiant in my nightgown welcoming me, into her arms to receive a hug. As I leaned into receive the love she had for me, she could feel my guardedness and so she asked me to experience what my daughter felt when I held her. At that moment, I began to understand the enormity of the love that our Souls have for us. The complete unconditional nature of the love was beyond words exquisite.

True self-esteem is how Source sees you. No human definition comes close unless that human is also in alignment with Source and at that moment gazing upon you.

In this week you’ll:

  • Reprogram your time in utero and experience a meditation where you remember your true essence before you were born, and imprint true worthiness into your cells.
  • Learn about the Path of Beauty.
  • Discover how Limits & Boundaries give you more energy.
  • Research the power of sound for your quickest state changes.
  • Learn how to use your Divine Relationship Map as a guide for becoming a vibrational match to what you desire.


The female body has been the battle ground of the human psyche for many millennia. It gives birth to all human life on this planet, is the first source of nourishment for a child and has twice the amount of nerve endings for pleasure as male anatomy and yet has been subjected to censorship and control by governments and religion.

So it’s not surprising that it can take focus, courage and dedication to re-engage the body as a source of nourishment for the Self. To own one’s own ability to soothe the nervous system, create chemicals that help to balance hormones, reprogram a sense of love, belonging and safety or lift one’s emotional state is a kind of empowerment that is so easily accessible through our body’s capacity for pleasure. Yet for so many, this free, always present resource feels light years away because of negative social conditioning and a lack of knowledge.

While fashion and self-adornment can be delicious, if you lay a foundation that your body is first a resource for your own pleasure, then you’ll have integrated the body’s sacred relationship to the divine. You’ll be better able to discern the impulses of your Soul when you are sensitive to your sensations and as you acclimate to feeling exquisite in your body, you radiate from the inside out. As you can imagine this brings a sense of abundance in all of your interactions, as well as creations and a much better chance of enjoying yourself with a romantic partner.

In this week you’ll:

  • Learn about how to read any physical space energetically. Understand the symbology of your environment and how to communicate to your Inner Being through numbers, animals and plants as well.
  • Learn a way of deciphering your dreams to receive messages from your Inner Being.
  • Discover different kinds of movement that connect you into your bliss.
  • Learn the 3 key components to Orgasm and how to use Orgasm to nourish the endocrine system.


What is an orgasm really, and why do we get to experience such a thing? Can you experience the divine through orgasm? When you think about how it is achieved, usually with a singular focus on pleasure, momentum and then a deep allowing or in some cases a final release of resistance, it is in many ways, simply a connection to unadulterated (no pun intended) Source energy.

One of the side affects of an orgasm can literally create new life. It can be argued that not both parties need to experience orgasm at the time of conception but at least one person had to… Orgasms can also be forced and it’s not surprising that there is a fetish culture around this as our culture tends to have a lot of resistance around allowing this kind of energy to flow.

But it is only at this point in the program, where a true north is reestablished that feeling good IS good that you can start to run more orgasmic energy through the system in a truly empowered way.

The practices this week teach how to use sexual energy as a way to connect to Source, and to give fuel for your creations.

In this week you’ll learn:

  • How to Harness the magic of Serendipity to create a magical life!
  • How to have a cervical orgasm in the context of consecrating your body.
  • The malleability of time. Did you know you can change your perception of time?  You can lengthen and shorten it and also change the past. Who needs Hogwarts when you can connect to the energy that creates worlds?
  • How to use essential oils to create aprhodisiacs.
    How to circulate your sexual energy and expand your pleasure to  energize your visions and desires.


We live in a world of archetypes, mythologies and stories. Our personal identities are often infused with what we’ve witnessed and experienced in our relating to others. There is not much out there in media that demonstrates what harmonious creation looks like.

In fact, most of us are constantly at war within about what we desire and what we believe we can have. True harmony in relationship cannot be mastered until we understand how we can create harmony within our own selves.

This week you’ll:

  • Update your internal masculine and feminine archetypes to work together in harmony.
  • Take inventory of what you’ve learned from listening to your Inner Being so that you know just how valuable it is.
  • Learn about the power of ritual so that you create new habits around connecting to your pleasure.
  • Discover and see with your eyes, your Spirit Guides.


In the recent past, the path of enlightenment was relegated to a spiritual quest of devotion usually in a religious context. As consciousness has evolved and expands in the physical realm, there are less people joining the monastery to discover their relationship with Source and more are using relationships to understand how they are or aren’t demonstrating their connection with the Divine.

Relationship and relating to others has become THE place for the largest amount of expansion. When seen this way, every interaction with another being can have immense value. We are all in this together, and it is through our relationships that we continue to co-create ourselves and one another.

Relationship expert Esther Perel speaks about how all relationship conflict boils down to three things: respect, power and attention.

This battle gets externalized and projected easily onto relationships if we do not know how to respect ourselves, understand our own power, and listen to what our needs are and know how to get those needs met.

As you have been cultivating your primary connection to the Beloved within, you will have come to a much more harmonious place with all three aspects. By now, you understand how to fill your own well so to speak, how to be nourished from the inside out. So the war within has subsided and now when you look at another,  you’ll be able to be truly present to the person in front of you and what they have to offer. The interactions and partner(s) you attract will naturally be filled with love, respect, laughter, trust, and a whole lot of pleasure.

In this week you’ll:

  • Gain tools to be confident in dating or deepening your current relationship.
  • Learn how to establish a container for intimacy so that you have clarity about your experience.
  • Understand the fundamental wisdom of the wheel of consent so that you can increase the level of pleasure and freedom within intimacy.
  • How to use pleasure exercises to attract the best out of all your relationships.

Program Details

The program includes:

8 weekly online modules with video instruction, body practices that involve breath work, meditation, self-pleasuring (some of these are explicit practices which you can do in the privacy of your own home) and journaling. Each module is released a week at a time.

8 weekly LIVE (online) workshops that accompany the coursework taught by Bella Shing. These live workshops involve group energy work (no explicit work will be done in group) as well as Q&A.

10 one on one coaching calls with Bella. As a certified VITA™ (Vital and Integrated Tantric Approach) Coach, Bella also has a background in Matrix Energetics and Family Constellations and combines the three to help bring about pleasurable transformation to help women access their deepest aliveness in a safe and empowered way.  We look at your Inner Being’s expansive version of you and create a tailored protocol for embodied practice that helps you to keep the gap between you and You slim so that the unfolding of life is pleasurable, and exciting and a benefit to all of those around you.

Private Facebook community –As most wounding happens in relationship to others, often the deepest healing happens in the presence of others.  In this group you’ll find a Beloved tribe of women who will be fanning the flames of your empowerment, creations and bliss. It’s a kind of true sisterhood that many of us have dreamed of but never received. And because you have learned about the sacredness of your body, your sensuality, and your connection to your soverign worthiness, the quality of sisterhood is grounded in safety, belonging and love.

The Program begins

January 6, 2019

Investment for this course is

$4990   $2495

*for the first 10 women


You’ll also receive the following bonuses valued at over $1100.

1. A 90 Minute Creative Assessment with Katie Love – a Higher Alignment Specialist (valued at $225). She looks at your photo and is able to identify your most essential, scientifically proven Compatibility Factors, so you may deeply understand your unique creative gifts and naturally attract harmonious and aligned relationships into your life. She can also help existing couples understand one’s core values better and increase harmony in relationships.

2. Gold Legacy of Love 14k Heart Necklace by Collective Hearts (retail value $169). 14K Gold filled necklace to remind you the Beloved Within that is always with you. *A portion of the proceeds benefits the Jacmel Children’s Center in Haiti, built by our founder.

3.Nathalie Chapron helps world-class speakers shine on stage with her unique technique that pulls out the essence of your Soul through style. In this 60 minute Personal Style Breakthrough Session (valued at $750), Nathalie will help you determine where you fall on the A – F scale (Approachable – Formal) and give you some practical, easy to follow tips and techniques you can use right away to help save you time, energy and money every time you go shopping. She’ll help you identify some of your own Sacred Geometry and Design Elements so you can feel empowered around how to best adorn yourself in a way that feels authentic and congruent.

“Bella is masterful at holding space for women. She creates a gorgeous container for emotional safety, sensual expression, sisterhood, unconditional love and healing. The time is now for women to go deep, connect, tell the truth, explore their pleasure and become more fully themselves. I’m so grateful I’ve had the chance to receive from Bella’s amazing women’s work. Thank you Bella!”

Sage Lavine, Best Selling Hay House Author – “Women Rocking Business”

“As the adult child of hippies I consider myself New Age cynical, but after a string of nightmares were keeping me from sleeping well I went to Bella for a session. I have seen a lot of energy workers do their thing, but I have never seen Bella‘s lighthearted energy or anything close to it, Bella was able to put words and expressions to my wounds and remind me of my strongest self lifting away old ties to guilt and helping me remember my way back to strength and clarity. The experience was energizing and mind-blowing, to be able to have the healing energy without the pompous self-important bullshit many energy workers and New Age healers exude. I left with my heart mended nightmares gone and a new openness to what is possible in the healing realm.  With Bella’s bright spirit and clear reflections I was able to transform in a short time what would have taken a year in talk therapy. ”

Joanna Ferraro – Founder of Early Ecology

“Bella Shing is truly a LOVER of LIFE to the core. She radiates the frequency of fully embodied passion. One of Bella’s many gifts is to inspire and nurture the very BEST in everyone that she coaches. People can transform greatly within the span of a simple conversation with her. She walks her talk, in all ways. Bella’s work is grounded in Spirit and integrity. This is THE course for any woman seeking to meet her Beloved, because true love begins within.

” Elizabeth Bast, Award Winning Author – “Heart Medicine”


How much content is there?

There will be about 20-50 minutes of video each week, along with daily meditation practices and exercises for you to explore. This is a go at your own pace course, and each week is released the Sunday night before. You will get more out of it however if you participate and come on the live weekly calls for energy clearings, Q&A and community support!

When are the live calls and will they be recorded?

The Live calls are held on Monday night of each week 7 pm PST and go for an hour. They will be hosted on Zoom (you’ll be given a link to login by mobile or desktop). The call will be recorded but if you’d like to have your questions answered live you’ll need to be on the call.

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