Bringing Heaven to Earth

Bella Shing is an energy worker and intuitive who has worked with thousands of women over the years. In that time, she has found that women spend an inordinate amount of time in relationships wanting to be unconditionally loved, seen, heard and understood.

She helps women to establish an unshakeable connection with their Inner Being, as what they are searching for is that consistent steady Source of unconditional love. Then by the law of attraction, the Universe unfolds and brings to them the kinds of experiences that are a match to that kind of love.

Modern science has discovered that the human nervous system tends to be hijacked by difficult experiences in one’s youth. And with social media, opportunities for stressors are magnified in our general consciousness. However, when using ancient and modern practices rooted in pleasure, the nervous system can be trained to expect safety, love and belonging.

When this occurs, the body/mind consciousness becomes more of a vibrational match to one’s Soul and manifestations are more consistently magical, beautiful, life-giving and filled with bliss.

Bella’s life purpose is to help bring Heaven to Earth by assisting women to normalize the power of such alignment.

Work with Bella Privately

Bella works with a handful of clients each year who are desiring one-on-one assistance in living a life led by the power of their infinitely intelligent Soul.  Through breathwork, guided meditation, energy work and pleasure practices Bella assists the body and mind to become more sensitive and aware of the Soul’s presence, as well as to help the body release outdated strategies and programming that block one’s personality from hearing the subtle voice/impulses of the Soul.

An increased aliveness, confidence and trust in Life, as well as passion, bliss and flow are common results of such practices. In this state of being, the creation and connections that ensue foster more love and abundance in every area of one’s life.

If you feel drawn to learning more, Bella is offering, for a limited time, free discovery sessions where through a series of questions, she can help you to gain clarity on your desire and whether or not her online program or coaching would be a fit for you. Please check the calendar for a session.

*In working with Bella, there is no nudity, or hands-on touch although instructions will be given for self-pleasuring practices.

“Bella is a gentle, wise and masterful coach. She holds a deeply loving and compassionate space in which I feel extraordinarily safe to reveal the raw truth of my life. She has helped me to shed many layers of my conditioning, which has enabled me to grow in both my love life & my love coaching business!” Katie Love – Founder of Katie Love Coaching

“As the adult child of hippies I consider myself New Age cynical, but after a string of nightmares were keeping me from sleeping well I went to Bella for a session. I have seen a lot of energy workers do their thing, but I have never seen Bella‘s lighthearted energy or anything close to it, Bella was able to put words and expressions to my wounds and remind me of my strongest self lifting away old ties to guilt and helping me remember my way back to strength and clarity. The experience was energizing and mind-blowing, to be able to have the healing energy without the pompous self-important bullshit many energy workers and New Age healers exude. I left with my heart mended nightmares gone and a new openness to what is possible in the healing realm.  With Bella’s bright spirit and clear reflections I was able to transform in a short time what would have taken a year in talk therapy. ”

Joanna Ferraro – Founder of Early Ecology


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